From the folklore alchemy side of the definition of Homunculus: a humanoid creature. I wanted to make a representation of a modern identity part made by itself, it's domestic surroundings and forces of digital social change. A directionless force existing between these things and moulded from them each pushing against it and suspending them in a kind of ineffective passive movement. Inspired in part by changing landscape out in the real world and the powerlessness felt in addressing them due to their fluid nature.

The Homunculus is made from 3D scans of domestic environments and the performance is motion captured from human movement.

Homunculus 1 - Pink Flannel
Homunculus 2 - Sink and Shampoo
Homunculus 3 - Bedside
Homunculus 4 - Marigold Gloves
Homunculus 5 - Inhalers, Coins, Cards
Homunculus 6 - Multiadapter
Homunculus 7 - Ribs, Tea, Bread
Homunculus 8 - Toothpaste tube
Homunculus 9 - Exhibition view

A range of T-shirts will be launched simultaneously to the campaign going live on THE99.co.uk containing stills from the film manufactured by spreadshirt.com. They are untested or quality checked.

THE99.co.uk is a platform and shop set up by Chris Kilmartin to operate amongst the coordinates of branding, advertising, art and social media to create online performances which aim to align under a common ground of confusion.

Method for capturing movement for the animation

Method for capturing movement for the animation